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Bed and Breakfast Sardegna 
Villa Patrizia sul lago 
Strada 54 Poggio dei Pini, 33 
09012 -Capoterra - CAGLIARI 
Tel:070725283 - cell:3357480963 
This is the landscape that he enjoys from Suite B&B Villa Patrizia sul lago...
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B & B  South Sardinia
who are 
Welcome to my home, where I live with my family, which is composed by Patrizia me, from my husband Ignazio, which he dedicated to me Villa Patrizia, and our two daughters, Gabriella and Stefania. 
We are simple people and fans of Sardinia, we have a small library Sarda, archeology, history, literature, poetry, art, architecture, film, music, song and dance, cooking. 
Speaking slightly, we will let you know a bit of Sardinia. We are lovers of music and singing.
B&B di 1st Class: Villa Patrizia B&B sul lago - Strada 54 Poggio dei Pini n. 33 - 09012 Capoterra - CA 
Tel / Fax: 070 725283 - cell: 335 7480963 - info@villapatriziasullago.com
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